Artwork In Residence

Lisa Petry-Burt | Fine Art and Pet Portraits

Lisa has been an artist since age six when she began by participating in elementary school art shows. She experimented with many mediums but in 2016, she began oil painting and realized her affinity and passion for it!
Her art has developed over time and is inspired by the beauty of the Colorado mountains and plains and by the wildlife and nature that abounds here. Also, painting pet portraits is a joy and she excels at capturing the expressions in their eyes.
She also enjoys painting still life and combining old, unusual, beautiful or funky objects that tell a story, evoke a feeling, or cause a reaction. Still life paintings allow the viewer to be impacted on a personal level and write their own mental story about them.
Visit the salon for an up-close view of Lisa's lovely work. You can also see more images on her web site.